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August Thrilled Castle Siege Event

Greetings Legends!

Legends the time has come to prove your might, tactics, and resiliency as a guild and let us find out who will emerge victorious and be crowned "KING" of Fortress MU.

**Castle Siege Marathon 3-Win Streak**

•    15,000 PHP (Cash via Western Union or Paypal)
•    400 Cash Points (In-game)
•    100,000 PC Points (In-game)

•    Castle Siege will be played as the normal "Last" Seal.
•    Participating guilds will have to WIN 3 TIMES IN A ROW to acquire the prize.

•    No using of any kinds of hacks or cheats, ie. 3PP, .bmd, Speed Hacks, and etc.
•    Offenders  will automatically be banned without notice during the event to prevent further misconduct.
•    Offender's guild will automatically be disqualified from the event.
•    No using of "Dummy" Guilds
•    We want this to be a fun and challenging event for the community.

So ready your Guilds, Alliances, Equipments, and Fight for Throne!

**Castle Siege Marathon will start on August 12, 2018**

-FortressMU Admin


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