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Update 21 July 2018:
Breaking News
-    We will now be adding Full Options (F.O.) drop items
o    Selupan Event (every 480 min. every time it’s been killed)
o    Kundun Event
-    We will also be adding 2nd Lucky Ticket Drop
o    Blood Castle Event
o    Devil Square Event
-    Lorencia Market will be enabled to buying and selling using Cash Points
-    Due to a popular demand we have reconsidered our Real Money Trading (RMT) Policy
o    We will open RMT but only through player request
-    Land of Trials drop update:
o    Ancient Full Options
o    Season 4 Full Options
o    1st and 2nd Lucky Ticket
-    We are also considering discontinuing donations, to improve our in-game market.
o    Please message us for any feedback about this decision, it will be greatly appreciated from hearing from our legends!
Thank you for supporting FortressMU! Please don’t hesitate to leave us feedback messages!

-Fortress ADMIN

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