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Greetings Legends!

For this week Castle Siege and Start of our AUGUST CASTLE SIEGE MARATHON MADNESS.

We are Implementing Point System to Maximize the 2 Hours of CS WAR!

Sealing would be 60 SECONDS and will have a accumulated time for 5 MINUTES.

Here are the Equivalent Points:

Every Successful Seal = 50 POINTS
Defended for 5mins = 20 POINTS

*Please read it very carefully and this is implemented this coming Castle Siege (August 12,2018)

-Fortress ADMIN

August 6, 2018


We have a GOOD NEWS for NEWBIES and for FARMERS!

Newbies updates:

 We removed expiry date of the freebies in the inventory
 We change 2nd Wings to 3rd Wings(still fixing other class wings)
 We automatically put 10k starting stats for new character

FARMERS updates:

 Monday to Friday SERVER 1 will have LITTLE BIT BOOST drop rate of all jewels, 1st Lucky tickets and 2nd Lucky tickets
 Saturday to Sunday SERVER 1 will have HAPPY BOOOOOOOSSSTTT drop rate of all jewels, 1st Lucky tickets and 2nd Lucky tickets
 Server 3 have a normal drop rate for all days

X - NO GuildPACK
X - NO Freebies coming from the Admin/s

 We enabled excellent drop items(sets, accessories and weapons) from any mobs with RANDOM option/s  1opt, 2opts, 3opts, 4opts and F.O
 We enabled and boost 1st and 2nd lucky tickets from blood castle and devil square

For error fortress client and until 99% fortress client:
 Re-download again
 Go to our website
 Download the 3rd Patch "New patch" it will appear 27mb but its 800mb+ thats a full client.

If you have problem or concern:
 Private Message(PM) our facebook group "Fortress Legends Reborn"
 Like and Follow :)


-Fortress ADMIN


August Thrilled Castle Siege Event

Greetings Legends!

Legends the time has come to prove your might, tactics, and resiliency as a guild and let us find out who will emerge victorious and be crowned "KING" of Fortress MU.

**Castle Siege Marathon 3-Win Streak**

•    15,000 PHP (Cash via Western Union or Paypal)
•    400 Cash Points (In-game)
•    100,000 PC Points (In-game)

•    Castle Siege will be played as the normal "Last" Seal.
•    Participating guilds will have to WIN 3 TIMES IN A ROW to acquire the prize.

•    No using of any kinds of hacks or cheats, ie. 3PP, .bmd, Speed Hacks, and etc.
•    Offenders  will automatically be banned without notice during the event to prevent further misconduct.
•    Offender's guild will automatically be disqualified from the event.
•    No using of "Dummy" Guilds
•    We want this to be a fun and challenging event for the community.

So ready your Guilds, Alliances, Equipments, and Fight for Throne!

**Castle Siege Marathon will start on August 12, 2018**

-FortressMU Admin


Update 21 July 2018:
Breaking News
-    We will now be adding Full Options (F.O.) drop items
o    Selupan Event (every 480 min. every time it’s been killed)
o    Kundun Event
-    We will also be adding 2nd Lucky Ticket Drop
o    Blood Castle Event
o    Devil Square Event
-    Lorencia Market will be enabled to buying and selling using Cash Points
-    Due to a popular demand we have reconsidered our Real Money Trading (RMT) Policy
o    We will open RMT but only through player request
-    Land of Trials drop update:
o    Ancient Full Options
o    Season 4 Full Options
o    1st and 2nd Lucky Ticket
-    We are also considering discontinuing donations, to improve our in-game market.
o    Please message us for any feedback about this decision, it will be greatly appreciated from hearing from our legends!
Thank you for supporting FortressMU! Please don’t hesitate to leave us feedback messages!

-Fortress ADMIN

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