Latest MU Online News & Announcements



We will have maintenance and update later tonight @ 12 midnight for Zhyper & Valhalla



  • Wrath Skill Fixed and Activated (ZMU & VMU )
  • Few Tweaks on BK | DL | RF | 5% Buff ( ZMU ONLY )
  • Grow Lancer 8% Buff on Damage & Defense ( VMU ONLY )
  • All Small Wings now Tradable

Valhalla Major Update: 


  • We will have new item called Talisman of Absolution - This item will remove yellow option from any lucky item.

* Item Name: Token of Absolution
* Usage: Drop the Talisman to any reinforced item
* Item Drop: Nightmare, Kundun, Medusa & GM Loot Box

Major Optimization Update: 


  • Unnecessary hard coded logs removed from GameServer, Removing this real time logging on every tick of Server has significantly improved Server performance, you should feel this in game after this maintenance, the game should be more responsive than before.

Expected Downtime: 1 Hour



  • Evil Set with max 2 Excellent Options will be available via Cash Points for all players

- Blood Angel Evil Set with 2 Excellent Options (DD+REF) as Default | Price : TBA


  • Penta (lvl5)Seed Sphere will be released and Activated to compensate with Custom YO we made to max +9

- Since we buffed all YO sets to max +9 there has been big gap between socketed and YO sets, Activating Penta Seed Sphere should bring balance to this.



  • Castle Siege Seal Time will be Adjusted to 20 Seconds.

- Base on Poll this has been called for many times and we are making it happen on next update. (May Still Change)


  • 1CP & 5CP Vouchers will start to drop on Boss Raids such as : Nightmare Kundun & Medusa
  • Credits Voucher will start to drop in Loren Deep Event and this event will be scheduled twice a day for 30 Minutes.
  • Self Repair for Wing of Conqueror & AD will be available on Website BlackSmith restoring 4th Wing to 255 Durability



  • Grow Lancer & Rage Fighter Buff - 12% Damage
  • Grow Lancer Skill Wrath Temporarily Disabled while we are investigating critical bug on this skill
  • Nerfed Elf Defense and Buffed Damaged
  • Increased Drop Rate of Bless & Soul by 12%
  • Increased Drop Rate of all Jewels by 15% in Castle Map Land of Trials
  • Increased Drop Rate of Excellent Items by 20%


Mass Pardon


As its Summer time in PH where lots of players are asking for pardon so they can use their summer vacation playing, we are giving mass pardon to all players that was banned and this is mostly RMT players... I do hope you learned your lesson now and if you cant really stop the RMT then please go try Valhalla Server it is 100% Legal RMT Server and we will soon provide Server Escrow Vend Service for safe transaction of Seller & Buyer.

I would also like to announce that i am allowing PHP Prize for Guild or Alliance for their CS Event like Last Switcher or whatever event they wish to do but please remember do not lead this into RMT or exploiting because we will prohibit this once we feel this is being abused.

This mass release of account will happen later maintenance @ 12midnight GMT+8


  • Players will be able to Rent Gears with max 3 Options using Cash Points (Thanks to Players Suggestions!)
  • 1CP Vouchers will start to drop from Boss Raids such as : Nightmare Kundun & Medusa​​​​​​


Giving you advanced notification so you will be prepared on upcoming major changes.


  • Ring of Grudge 3 Exe Opt Added to Website Donation Page
  • Ring of Wizard 3 Exe Opt Added to Website Donation page
  • Added 2 Seconds Cooldown on Blood Storm Skill
  • Buffed Grow lancer Damage 12% and Defense 10%