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Good day Fortress Legends!

Real Money Trading Policy

13 July 2018 Update:
After thinking things through we have decided that RMT (Real Money Trading) would be set up as an event to prevent people from turning Fortress into a workplace. That being said the following rules will be implemented immediately:

- RMT (Real Money Trading) will be illegal from the month of July to November.

 - We will implement a zero tolerance policy about RMT, meaning if we find out and acquire proof about the incident we will act on it right away.
o Instant Ban (Buyer)
o Instant Ban (Seller)
o Items would be put up for auction (Seller)
   Everyone else can bid on these items, benefit to the community for playing fair.

- RMT Event will be held from December to January
o During this time, we will open the floor to our Fortress Legends to sell their items.
   Earning extra cash from your hard work during the Holiday season is always a good thing

o GMs will monitor the event but we will not involve ourselves with the transactions, unless there are illegal activities.
o More information will follow as the RMT Event comes closer

- FortressMU Admin

Welcome to FortressMU

Season 6 Episode 3

Legends Reborn!



Server Info:


  • Server Exp: 5000
  • Drop Rae: 50%
  • Max Reset: Unlimited
  • Max Stats: 32767
  • Max Excellent Drop: 3 Options
  • Castle Siege: Every Sunday 8pm GMT+8
  • Jewels Drop Rate: 1/1000
  • Exe Items Drop Rate: 1/1000
  • Chaos Machine: Default
  • Tier 1 & Season 4 All Hund with Possible 3 Excellent Opts





  • All Default Webzen Events
  • PVP Last Man Standing
  • Scrammbled Words Event
  • Bring Me Event
  • Mirror Event
  • Imperial Guardian Event


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